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City Park

Tranquility and recreation awaits visitors at the public gardens just 10 minutes from the centre. The Mill-lake and its surroundings is a popular recreational area. On the bronze leaves of Gera Katalin sculptor’s work „Tree of Life” you can read the names of children born in Kaposvár. Next to the memorial column of our Olympic Games participants we can also visit the memorial stones of the martyrs of Arad. The park is an ideal venue for sports activities. You may test your abilities ont he running circle, the roller skate park, the street ball field and ont he parkour field.

Okospark - Kaposvár új,zöld parkja 2019

Zselic districht

The Lake Deseda was created by damming a stream in 1975. Lake Deseda is situated in the outskirts of Kaposvár. It is 8 kms long and bordered with woods : this is a perfect place for  both hikers and lovers of water sports . The beach in Toponár is  mostly visited by  young people who are  fond of sports  and the beach , while the other side of the lake is visited by the older generation  who seek peace and quiet. The fish stock  including  real native  Hungarian species has made the lake a popular and acknowledged fishing paradise.

Fekete István Visitor Centre – Deseda

Lake Deseda, the longest pond of Hungary extends north of  Kaposvár. Fekete István Visitor Centre, with its exhibition rooms, lei-sure park and rent a boat , was built on the lakeshore. It is an excellent starting point of  boat and bicycle tours.

Permanent exhibition

The building was erected directly at the waterfront. It  represents a ship and is home to the  permanent exhibition titled DUCKWEED, BLACK-TAILED SKIMMER AND WOODPECKER. – Our permanent exhibition displays the diverse ecosystem of Lake Deseda. Its various attractions and interactive elements offer active  and amusing learning experience and recre-ation at the same time. The most spectacular exhibition piece is the 8000 l aquarium and the artificial  oak  tree built at bow of the „boat”. It extends from the bottom of the showroom. In addition to the periodical exhibitions, the centre offers museum-pedagogical session and monthly lectures as parts of  Deseda Panorama of Lake Deseda series.

The leisure  park

The visitor centre offers further attractions to visitors. They  can observe the avifauna  of Deseda through a ’detective glass’ from the birdwatch lodge, they can meet the most common  dragon-fly species at the dragonfly house, and at the frog and turtle lurk-ing place they can  observe these small tenants of the lake in their natural environment. The park, offering learning and recreation at the same time, is an excellent destination for school groups. The visitor  centre has also got an environment friendly, electric pleasure boat and a rent a boat and bike service.  On the cycle path built around the lake cyclists can enjoy a wonderful . two-hour bicycle tour.

The arboretum of Deseda

The arboretum of  Deseda reaches into the lake as a peninsula. Its terrain and agricultural conditions are exceedingly diversified. It has a surface of 26 hectars. There was an acacia forest at the place of the present. – day arboretum , the planting began in1978. It was opened to public in 2003.

Sport Fishing Association of Kaposvár:

Waters managed by this association are Lake Töröcske, Lake Deseda and River Kapos. The association office issues permits for fishing in the above locations, as well as for Lake Balaton. You can find more information about type of fish in these waters , conditions of fishing and prices on our website.


The Zselic hills are a generous gift of nature. The gently flowing springs and brooks int he woods, the lakes and ponds hidden in valleys and small villages have an innocent beauty int he eyes of visitors. The most untouched part of the Zselic – almost  9000  hectares – has been a nature conservation area since 1976, being home to various   species of protected plants and animals. Visitors can go for a short walk or for a long hike along the footpaths int he Zselic. On a walking tour you can rest in a hunting lodge, at a fishing-place or in   a shelter-hut. You can taste delicious meals in a restaurant or cook on an open fire. If you feel like riding a bicycle , you can ramble over the whole region.

The Open Air Ethnographic Museum – the first to be awarded the Europa Nostra prize in Hungary – is situated in Szenna, 7 kms from Kaposvár. This collection of half-timbered, settled homes and farm-buildings from the area of Inner-Somogy and Zselic as articles for personal use depict the life of Somogy peasants int he 19 th century. The Calvinist Church , built in Baroque style in 1785 boasts a painted panelled ceiling and is one of Hungray’s most beautiful historic buildings. Visitors of the village museum will get an insight into folk customs and handicraft traditions.

Ladybug Farm is a real adventure paradise, providing excellent recreation, education and adventure throughout the year to all ages. Among the numerous indoor and outdoor facilities we must highlight the giant indoor freefall and family slides, as well as the multistorey kid’s playhouse and adult’s labyrinth; these slides are the largest constructions of such across Central Europe.

Game Management Landscape Centre Bőszénfa

We offer free-time and professional activities for groups or individuals in our Game Farmin the middle of the hilly Zselic area. You may pet deer here, admire our trophy collection or observe  the deer from a horse carriage  or a tractor. We can also organize professional meetings at an agreed date. We are waiting all those who like horses and equestrian programmes, and have a special  attraction towards cold blooded Hungarian horses. You can try horse-riding here (absolute beginners as well) or travel in horse-draen carriages int he wonderful Zselic area.

The Park of Stars of Zselic    

Park of  Stars is only a few kilometers from Kaposvár. Here you can take part in telescope demostrations, planetarium shows, you can admire our meteorite exhibition as well as our exhibition  displaying the flora and fauna of the forests of  Somogy county. We organize programmes for children and day or night tours. The 25-meter tall viewing platform offers a unique view to the  Zselic area. The building complex and the 8 hikings trails suitable for both cycling and walking. Together with the 5 resting points and the surroundings of Lake Ropolyi offer recreation to the visitor s  for a whole day.

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