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Vitéztanya vadászlak

Adress: 7988 Darány
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/9/viteztanya
Nummber of rooms: 3, for 6 person
Services: place for stewing pot, finn sauna, garden pavilion
This single but well equipped hunting lodge without any staff members can be found in the middle of a flatland forestry, a few kilometers from the River Dráva. The building is far from the traffic, families who want to relax choose often this small house.



Ágneslak vadászház

  Adress: 8858 Porrog, Ágneslak
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/6/agneslak
Nummber of rooms: 6, for 12 person
Services: restaurant, wine bar, conference room, screen, flipchart, internet, cigar room, inn sauna, massage, place for stewing pot, garden pavilion, bicycle, arboretum
This ecotouristic center is located in the valleys of Zala at the western edge of Somogy county between forests and fishing lakes.


Vörösalma vadászház

 Adress: 7473 Kaposgyarmat
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/3/vorosalma
Number of rooms: in the hunting lodge 5, in the small house 2, for 10 person in the hunting lodge and 4 person in the small house
Services: oven, place for stewing pot, fishing lake, garden pavilion, bicycle
This small but familiar hunting lodge can be situated to the south of Kaposvár, on the lakeshore of a fishing lake, in the wooden valleys of Zselic. It provides facilities not only for hunters, but for families, for company events, or for anybody that wants to relax in calm and natural surroundings.


Csöprönd vadászház


 Adress: 8719 Böhönye
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/7/csoprond
Nummber of rooms: 5, for 10 person
Services: place for stewing pot
This hunting lodge is situated in a clearing between the village Böhönye and Vése to the north of Nagyatád. It is a simple hunting lodge which provides happy hours and days for hunters and their families as well.


Zsitfapuszta vadászház

 Adress: 7588 Vízvár
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/8/zsitfapuszta
Nummber of rooms: 3, for 6 person
Services: garden pavilion, place for stewing pot

This very friendly hunting lodge with small capacity is situated only a few kms from the River Drava in the region of Vízvár. Thanks to these features most guests take their families with them while staying in the hunting house. The building which used to be a caretaker flat is now a dining room suitable for meetings and conferences, family events up to 20 persons.


Alirét vadászház

Adress: 8654 Ságvár
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/4/aliret
Nummber of rooms: 5, for 10 person
Services: oven, bicycle, deckchair, massage, party games
This small and elegant hunting lodge whose name originates from the Turkish occupation is located on the southern shore of Lake Balaton about 18 km from Szántód.



Alexandra vadászház

  Adress: 7555 Csokonyavisonta, Alexandra-puszta
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/1/alexandra
Nummber of rooms: 10, for 26 person
Services: restaurant, conference room, biliard room, card room, finn sauna, internet, garden pavilion

Alexandra-puszta was named after Széchenyi István’s wife Sztáray-Szirmai Alexandra. The hunting lodge was also named in memory of the contess.
The hunting lodge Alexandra has 8 doublerooms, 1 room with a double bed and a suite with a double bed and 2 beds. Every room has its own bathroom, minibar, television and telephon. The restaurant of the hunting lodge provides place for 30 guests, where they can try out a wide range of game meals and dishes of Somogy county.


Karád vadászház

Adress: 8676 Karád
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/5/karad
Nummber of rooms: in the hunting lodge 4, in the small house 3, for 10 person in the hunting lodge and 6 person in the small house
Services: place for stewing pot, riding, bicycle,internet, child toys
This simple but frequented place is situated 15 kms from Lake Balaton to the north of  Karád. There are two accomodation facilities. There is a smaller but familiar hunting lodge of lower classification only 30 meters from the traditional hunting lodge.



Nagysallér vadászház

 Adress: 7551 Lábod
Web: http://www.sefaghunting.com/en/huntinglodge/2/nagysaller
Nummber of rooms: 8, for 16 person  and 2 spare bed
Services: internet, place for stewing pot, finn sauna, garden pavilion, bicycle

This moderate hunting lodge can be found surrounded by forests between Lábod and Rinyabesenyő. Originaly it was the recreation resort of Széchenyi Pál’s sick daughter. It was rebuilt in 1972 since than it has been accomodating guests. The remains of  animal husbandry can also be detected, there are stables, a superintendent flat, granaries and hay racks which are still in use.



Petesmalom vadászlak

This hunting lodge is located at the edge of the forest between Lábod and Mike on the lakeshore of the smallest fishing lake in a 200 hectare fishing lake system. The legendary figure of the Hungarian game management, Studinka László lived and worked here from1959. The house was rebuilt in 1962, since then it has been suitable for accomodating hunter guests.



Information and reservation: SEFAG Zrt. Turisztikai Iroda, 7400 Kaposvár, Bajcsy-Zs. u. 21. Tel: 82/505-170, turizmus@sefag.hu, www.somogyiturizmus.hu; www.sefag.hu

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