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Kaposvár and the Zselic where the experience comes towards us

Kaposvár has been monitoring those citizens‘ situation who live with disablities for. The Tourinform Kaposvár within the project of ‚Tactile Kaposvár‘ – 2009 took a great step forward for the blind people with its materials. The initiation of Kaposvár was outstending in Hungary! The disabled people can individually get to know the city of Kaposvár with the help of he embossed downtown map, with the Braille written brochure and with the soundtracks uploadod at the audio guide. Over recent years there were favourable developments for the purpose of disabled people at the settlement, as well.

The Tourinform office is totally barrier-free since 2010. The disabled citizens and tourists can enter through a barrier-free entrance gate to the office where a marginal strip and a barrier-free toilet are available. The deaf people are suppoerted with an induction loop during the communication. Furthermore, Braille written opening hours table and informational materials are also available fort he blind people. The Hungarian sides of the webpage of the Tourinform office are barrier-free, labelled with ‚A-level‘: The short movie called ‚Jeles Kaposvár‘, shot in 2011, enforced the  introduction of deaf people to the tourism sector, which demonstrates the city with the help of a deaf father and his son via sign language and with subtitle within 10 minutes.

Beside the tourism office, the inner city of Kaposvár, the public places, the cultural institutions, the places of cultural events, the whole area oft he spa and the beach together with the main tourism attractions are available for everybody. The whole territory of the downtown area is barrier-free, which means the presence of speaking lamps, pedestrian crossings with marginal strips and low-floor buses. Moreover, it is also interesting that 30 solid paved fishing places are also barrier-free ones. Kaposvár and the Zselic can grant that every disables people are able to access with equal chance to the programmes and services offered by the city. Therefore, Kaposvár and the Zselic worthily gained and hold the honourable title of ‚European Destination of Excellence‘!

The following tourism attractions are barrier-free in and around Kaposvár:

- The whole downtown of Kaposvár is barrier-free. There are no curbs, meanwhile sound tracks also help at the road crossings. Both tactlie, tangible and walked around scupltures vitalize the Ady Endre street, the Fő street, the Kossuth square and the Szivárvány Culture Centre.

- The Tourinform office has a barrier-free entrance, toilet, Braille written opening hours table and induction loop. We can offer audio guide, Braille written map for the sightseeings.

- The exhibitions of Együd Árpád Cultural Centre (Agóra), the Gallery of Vaszary, the musical and cultural events of Szivárvány Cultural Centre. 

- The whole exhibition oft he House of Forests is barrier-free. The visitor centre also has a barrier-free toilet.

- The whole area oft he Spa of Kaposvár and Igal are barrier-free. The swimmingpools are provided with embedded structures, furthermore barrier-free toilets can be also found there.

-  The exhibition of meteorite and the natural history in the Zselic Park of Stars.

- The restaurant and the wild animal petting zoo at the Game Management Landscape Center of Kaposvár University.

- Some amusement and adventure parts of Katica Tanya Adventure Centre.

- The arboretum oft he Deseda Adventure Park and partially the natural train network of the Gombás forest

- The Töröcske Lake has barrier-free fishing places.

-  The Fekete István Visitor Centre is totally barrier-free at the lakeshore of Deseda Lake. There is a asphalted walking path and bycicle road along the lakeshore, where there is also an opportunity for cruises.

- Although the Museum of Rippl-Rónai is not barrier-free (it is under heritage protectio), the reconstructed Andrássy dining-room and the park can be visited.

- The whole area of the Krisna-völgy (valley) Indian Cultural Centre and Biofarm and its events can be visited for disabled people.

The following tourism attractions are barrier-free in and around Kaposvár:

-          Hotel Dorottya****

-          Kapos Hotel ***

-          Fogadó a Bárányhoz
-          Zselicvölgy Szabadidőfarm, Hajmás
-          Hotel Kardosfa, Zselickisfalud

-          Modern Villa, Igal

Barrier-free performances at the Csiky Gergely theatre:

Within the framework of the 90 decibel project barrier-free performances can be also visited since 2009. Deaf people can enjoy barrier-free theatre shows with the help of interpreters, meanwhile educated theatre narrators help blind people to undertsand the performances. The theatre holds annually 2-3 barrier-free performances.


For further information please visit:

Csiky Gergely theatre ticket office

Kaposvár,Rákóczi u 1.

Telephone number: +36 82 511-207 / +36 82 511-208

Barrier-free webpage:

Barrier-free public transportation:

The local council of the city of Kaposvár changed the old public buses for 40 brand new, gas fired buses in November 2015. The new buses are equipped with low-floors and ramps. therefore both the elderly people, poeple with disabilities and citizens with baby carriages can easliy get on. Moreover, speaking lamps also help crossing the roads at the roadways in the city.


More informations:

7400 Kaposvár, Áchim András u 1.

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