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Nearby sights to see


1.Szenna, Patca


Szenna: Leaving Kaposvár (on your right, there is the Uránia Csillagvizsgáló (planetarium)), across Kaposszerdahely,- 8 km far - you can reach Szenna. The village museum is the first winner of Europa Nostra Prize in Hungary (1980), where you can see the framed houses and the wooden bottom houses of inland-Somogy and Zselic and some accessorries of old village life. The open air museum was built around the reformed church. It was built in 1785 and it is the most valuable monument with painted ceiling and  with wooden cassettes.

More information: 7477 Szenna, Rákóczi F. u. 2., www.szenna.hu


Patca: Going south from Szenna, soon we can reach the smallest self-government owner village. The Katica touristhouse, camping and economy-model farm were built between 2003-2006. Their goal is bait back the people to the nature. On the child friendly Katica - farm  you are able to see 40 different kinds of household animals, and the visitors can choose from more than 50 programmes. Accomodation and dinning options are available. The adventure park is open 365days/year  from sunrise to sunset.

More information: www.katicatanya.hu, www.kalandpark.hu


2. Gölle, Igal, Andocs


Gölle: Leaving Kaposvár on the road 61 to the direction to Gölle (27km). The writer, István Fekete was born and spent his childhood here. In the memorial museum of Fekete István (1994), we can get some informations about his life. We can also find - in the same house - the singer, actress Vali Rátz's memorial room. István Fekete rests in the cemetary in Gölle.

More information: 7272 Gölle, Hősök tere 1., www.falvak.hu/golle

Igal: It is the most popular pleasure resort of the area. They found 81 celsius (32 fahrenheit) warm alcalic chlorid hidrogenecarbonate water, what is suitable for bathing and drinking.

Cause of the healing water, a thermal spa was built.

More information: www.igal.hu

Andocs: Going north from Igal, you can reach Andocs. It has been a known shrine from the 17th century. Its roman church was consecrated in 1747. The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been dressed into different dressings in every two weeks from that time. The dresses are not just from Hungay, but from all over the world has been sent.

More information: www.falvak.hu/andocs


3. Várda, Somogyfajsz, Somogyvár, Somogyvámos


Várda: The famous painter, Endre Szász was settled here. Its museum is  in one of the room of the mayor's office. Besides the paintings there are some decorated china works, carpets, glassware.

More information: www.varda.hu


Somogyfajsz: At Osztopán, turn to the direction to Somogyfajsz. The village was named after lord Fajsz, who established one of his centres in the 10th century. Archeological excavations uncovered an iron funace workshop from the 10th century. Over it there was a museum of palaeolithic metalurgy and a memorial site of the conquering Magyars.

More information: www.somogyfajsz.hu


Somogyvár: It is on our way from Kaposvár to Fonyód, where it is worth to see the memorial historic site of Somogyvár. It is used to be the quarters of Koppány chieftain, where from he strated his rebelling campaign against King István. In 1901, Szent László founded a Benedictine Abbey and built a monumental dome here. Find the memorial monument of Koppány  and The Koppány-forrás (spring)!

More information: www.somogyvar.hu

Somogyvámos: Off the road from Somogyvár to the direction to Somogyvámos. You can find here the most signicificant monument from the middle age, the Pusztatorony. In 1993, the municipalty accepted the petition of Krisna followers for settling down. An independent bio farm of 120 hectars supplies its residents. Vedic style of their church is unique.

More information: Krisna-völgy, Indiai kulturális központ és Biofarm,
8699 Somogyvámos, Fő u. 38., www.krisna-volgy.hu


4. Kaposújlak, Kaposdada, Bárdudvarnok, Petesmalom, Hencse, Lad


Kaposújlak: Southward, only 5 km far from Kaposvár, there is an airport, where several services can be found, like sailplane and airoplane pilot training, sightseeing by plane, aircab, adventure tours by plane etc…

More information: www.aeroclub-kaposujlak.hu


Kaposdada: Turning left after Kaposmérő we get to Lajos Kassai, horseback archer' s ranch. He is the founder of  modern archery. He organized the rules,  based on the Hungarian martial art. The valley gives home to the Competition Of The International Horseback. Archery in each year. Irregular history lessons for students, open days, training camps are kept here year around. Besides many curiosity, a 160 year old, museum piece value,  6.5 diameters kazah jurta can be seen here.

More information: www.kassai-lovasijaszat.hu


Bárdudvarnok: 16 part of settlements belong to here. In Bárdibükk, the wonderful Goszthonyi castle and its protected park can be found. The internatial recognized glass-art workshop functions in the Goszhonyi-kúria (mansion).

 In one of the settlement of Bárdudvarnok, Kaposszentbenedek, the scandinavian style Benedictine monastery was built.

The beautiful view of Petörke-valley can be seen from the direction from Szenna to Bárdudvarnok, where the bathers and fishermen can relax.

More information:  www.bardudvarnok.hu


Petesmalom: Between Mike and Lábod there are the lakes of Petesmalom, which is a natural home for the animals of the land, mainly for otters. Going by the lakes, keeping quiet near the monitoring points you are able to see some otters and eagles.

More informations: Otters Park of Petesmalom, tel.: 82/711-001, 30/336-8214


Hencse: Traveling south from Kadarkút you can reach Hencse. In the village, the former Márffy-Kúria (mansion) - nowadays 4 stars castle hotel -, gives place to an European famous recreation center and golf field. Its park is protected and it has the tallest 400 years old yew tree in the country.

More information: www.hencse.hu, www.europeanlakes.com,

Lad: Keep going south, you arrive to Lad. Miksa Hoyos, master of a ship's former count castle can be found in the middle of the village. It is surounded by a park forest of  30 hectars, where among the different kind of ancient Hungarian plants, and some of them more than 300 hundreds years old.

More informations: www.lad.hu


5. Simonfa, Bőszénfa, Gálosfa, Almamellék, Ibafa


Simonfa: It is an important center of the tourists in Somogy county, 10 km far from Kaposvár, there is Simonfa, in a beautiful valley. There are two tourist's houses of the Meteor Turistabarát Egyesület (Accosiation of the Nature Likers). The goat farm is very interesting, everyone in all ages can find 1,5-2,5 hours long programmes (goat chees making, animal stroking, presentation of the animals, open air cooking, tour guiding).

More informations: Kecskefarm, Simonfa, Ady E. u. (street) 36., tel.: 20/263-9681 (Kovács Endre)
Tourist houses: www.meteor-kaposvar.hu


Bőszénfa: Leaving Kaposvár, going south to the direction to Szigetvár, you can find Bőszénfa. Next to it, there is a deer-farm, where the closed deer breeding has functioned since 1980's. You can see deers and wildpigs, too here.

More informations: www.boszenfa.hu


Gálosfa: Going Gálosfa, where the square of the village is ruled by Festetics castle, which one was built the 17th century in late baroque style by the Festetics family.

More information: www.galosfa.hu


Almamellék: Goin back to the road 67 south. In the village the Sasrét hunter's castle can be found in foresrty environment, which also can be reached by the little train. In the neighborhood of the castle, there is a wonderful 150-200 years old ancient beech-forest.

More information: www.almamellek.hu


Ibafa: We can turn from Almamellék to Ibafa, where we can see the famous Pipe-museum. The pipes had been colleted since 1800.

More informations:  www.ibafa.hu

6. Deseda-lake: It is the longest (8km) artificial lake in Hungary, and it soon became a popular excursionist's place and fishing paradise of Kaposvár's people. Leaving Kaposvár to the direction to Kaposfüred, before arriving Somogyaszaló, turning left before the lake on a cart-road. From here you can see a wooden bridge,  on which you can go to the Arboretum of Deseda. Almost all the Hungarian trees can be found here. If you go to Toponár, you can take a bath in the lake.
7. Kaposszentjakab
Kaposszentjakab: Leaving Kaposvár, east on the main street after 5 km you arrive to the Várdomb (castle hill), to the ruins of the Benedictine Abbey of Kaposszentjakab. This is the oldest monument of the city, the monastery was founded in 1061. The Ruin-garden is a popular  place for the Szentjakabi Nyári Esték ( Summer nights of Szentjakab) from end of June to middle of August.


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