Üdvözli Önt a Virágok Városa, Kaposvár

Kaposvár, like the City of Painters

József Rippl-Rónai, János Vaszary, Sándor Galimberti, Lajos Kunffy... All of them are famous, internationally recognized painters, who attach in many ways to the city and its contemporary cultural life. The house of Rippl-Rónai and the birthplace of Vaszary can be visited, they are functioned as a museum and an exhibition room. The Vaszary Art Gallery is the place of contemporary art exhibitions, the exhibition of Juan Gyenes and the home of Győző Somogyi's Hungarian kings gallery; the Rippl-Rónai Museum gives place to permanent and temporary exhibitions as a county museum, between them the collection of Ödön Rippl-Rónai.

Since 2000, traditionally the Rippl-Rónai Festival is organized in the end of May, which is held in honour of Kaposvár's famous painters. During the four-day long, easy, felicitous, mediterranean programmes, the visitors can attend to the painters, artisans and performers who create in the street, they can have a rest in the terraces of its cafés and enjoy the nice music concerts and dance shows.

Kaposvár, like the city of flowers

The city today also follows the movement of "Flowered Kaposvár" of the years of 1910. In 2003 it was ranked to the 1st place in the competition of "Flowered Hungary", which was held to beautify the environment, and in 2004 it got gold qualification in France, in the "Competition of European Flowered Cities and Villages". In every year thousands of flowers are placed in the flowerbeds near the statues, pavements and roads, to the electric pylons, so every visitor from spring to autumn can find the city in spate of flowers.

Kaposvár, like the city of waterworks

The first waterwork of Kaposvár was stood in 1913 in front of the Gergely Csiky Theater. Since then we can find imposing waterworks and wells in the Kossuth square, and the park of Berzsenyi, Európa, Színház and the Valley of the city. These bring real refreshment to the visitors and the citizens.

Kaposvár, like the city of secession

The big part of Kaposvár's downtown was built up before and after the turn of the 19-20th century. In 1911 the building of Gergely Csiky Theater was opened, the Szivárvány Movie and Music House, Kaposvár's Science and Technology House, the buildings of Ady Endre, Dózsa György, Kontrássy streets and the windows of the Town Hall are the specialities of secessionist style.

Kaposvár, like the city of festivals

The season of festivals starts with the carnival of the day Dorottya in Kaposvár, which is followed by the Kaposvár Spring Festival's musical and dance programs. In May the city salute to its famous painters with the City of Painter's Festival. During the summer the stage of the Ruins of the Szentjakab Benedictine Abbey gives place to the performances of the Szentjakab Summer Nights. In every second year the Biennal of Children and Youth Theaters are assembled together with their plays to the children in our city. In the summers Kaposvár gives place to about 200 youth football team from every part of the world in the Youth Football Festival.

Kaposvár, like the capital of Zselic

In the downhills of Zselic - situated to South from Kaposvár - the small villages, streams and lakes unique atmosphere and its picturesque surrounding seduce the visitor. You can find there the Zselici National Park in 9024 hectars, that safe the hornbream groves, the oak-forest, the beech-wood, the silver linden-trees and the protected plants and animals. You can visit not just the natural values but he small villages of Zselic, between them the Skanzen of Szenna - honoured by Europe Nostra Award - and the stag farm of Bőszénfa.

Kaposvár, like the National Sport City

The title of National Sport City is given to those cities, which take a lot for the citizens to do diverse and intense sport activity for health. Kaposvár's sport life gave many olympic and world champions to Hungary. The city's basketball and voleyball team are multiple champions and the football club plays in the 1st class. In the nearby Deseda lake you can canoening, swim in the town's swimming pool, ride a bike on the cycling roads, and the lover of the winter sports can enjoy the possibilities of the Ice Hall. The urban and peripheral horse camps are also very popular.

Accessible Kaposvár

Beside the tourism office, the inner city of Kaposvár, the public places, the cultural institutions, the places of cultural events, the whole area oft he spa and the beach together with the main tourism attractions are available for everybody. The whole territory of the downtown area is barrier-free, which means the presence of speaking lamps, pedestrian crossings with marginal strips and low-floor buses. Moreover, it is also interesting that 30 solid paved fishing places are also barrier-free ones. Kaposvár and the Zselic can grant that every disables people are able to access with equal chance to the programmes and services offered by the city. Therefore, Kaposvár and the Zselic worthily gained and hold the honourable title of European Destination of Excellence!

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