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Ladybug Farm – Active Recreation Centre

The Ladybug Farm is a real adventure paradise, providing excellent recreation, education and adventure throughout the year  to all ages. Among the numerous indoor and outdoor facilities we must  highlight the giant indoor freefall and family slides, as well as the multistorey kid’s playhouse and adult’s labyrinth; these  slides are the largest constructions of such across Central Europe. The medieval castle and the wooden trebuchet are providing temptation to travel through time. Anyone can use our rope-ways and zip wires, which consist of 5 different tracks, depending on state of fitness or courage. On our racetrac, visitors from 3-103 years of age can pedal our gokarts.

The development of 2016:

- our renewed petting zoo, where our animals can get even closer to the visitors in a friendlier environment

- a unique, open air „Windstorm” slide with 3 tracks

- the world quality Water Park or water playground

We introduce various domestic animals and traditionally kept animals in their natural environments, along with the traditional tools used for farming and animal keeping. We offer our visitors a unique selection of 50 different program opportunities in handicrafts, environmental knowledge, tradition-preserving or agricultural areas.  It’s an everyday possibilityto join in forcow-milking, animal handling, pebble stone decorating activities or using  the playhouse, the jumpy strawbarn, the old machinery park or th epedal gokarts. On weekends, bread kneading and baking, traditional crafts and programs connects our guests to heritage preservation. Accomodation is available for 120 guest in 2 tourist houses, 80 tents in our campsite, and in addition to the above, from spring to fall we offer 5 guesthouses with 28 beds altogether . 

You can visit the Ladybug Farm in this following link: 



7477. Patca, Faluvég

Tel: 30/411-6002

E-mail: info@katicatanya.hu


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