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Walks in the city centre

Kossuth square – The Roman Catholic Church Nagyboldogassszony – statue of Nepomuki Szent János – column of Mária – Twinning memorial showing – Erzsébet Hotel – Town Hall – statue of Kossuth-szobor – Meteorological office – Dorottya-house – Kemény-palace/ Tourist information office – Európa square –statue of Sun wheel– statue of Tótágas – Rippl-Rónai Museum – Arany Oroszlán Pharmacy – Zsolnay Well –Dorottya Hotel –– house of Adam & Eva – Rainbow Palace of Culture – state of Florentin – fountain of Négy évszak  – statue of Ady Endre & Rippl-Rónai – statue of Játszó kislányok - Berzsenyi park – Városliget


Walks in the city centre Kaposvár (brochure)  presents the city center of Kaposvár with picture. You can download the brochure in this link:



Kaposvár, railway station: Across the street from the railway station, among the trees of the park of the theater you can see the country-famous secessionist styled building of Csiky Gergely Theater.

After the settlement, in the period of general development of the economy, by the time when the railway lines were laid down of Somogy county, the first railway station was built in Kaposvár in 1872. In the years of 1890's, a bigger station was needed, because of the growing trafic.When  it was built, in the same time the former overpass was ready, what gave a chance to reach the other side of the railway, where the Donner part of the city can be found. In the years of 1980's , in the consequence of the Kaposvár-touching electrification of the railway, the old overpass were needed to be pulled down in 1989. The monument of the old overpass of the railway in Gilice street by the plant of Gábor Borbás is reminding us to the former overbridges. Its curiosity that it was made by using the original parts. Whatching up right, it can be seen from the new footbridge, closer to the Jókai park.

Jókai park: After regulating the river Kapos in 1836, the first park of Kaposvár was created (1840-45) here. Earlier the first Gilice-null stood at this place, which was pulled down after regulating the river Kapos. In 1888, the first small theater was built here, but its wooden building was destroyed by fire in 1912. Near the other end of the park, after walking 2-3 minutes, the Virágfürdő can be found. This adventure bath has 3462 m2 (37264.6 square feet), the biggest water surface,which awaits for visitors with 46 different features.

Kálvária street: Close to Jókai park, it is the second street from left in the intersection of  4 streets, start to go on Zrinyi street, then make a right turn at the first intersection on an abrupt street, turning on the Kálvária street, you can reach the eclectic styled Kálvária church, which was made by the plan of Sándor Bereczk, sacrified in 1893. The carved picures from yewtree are standing by the two sides of the bricken stairs leading to the church.

Gyertyános valley: This 44 hectar (4736120.6 square feet) park-forest is laying on the Southern edge of Kaposvár. This hilly, rich in water forest has a real Zselic atmosphere. Its trees are mostly young hornbeams. In its narrow valley, there is the small Hódos-lake, what is good for fishing. The daily ticket is avaible from the co-workers of SEFAG Zrt.

Négy testvér-forrás (spring): It was done in 1969, under the direction József György, 4 outfalls give water to the tourists.

Kőér-forrás (spring): It is at a hidden place,next to the left side of the Gyögyvirág touristhouse.

Kaposvári Korona Lovassport Egyesület ( Horse-sport association): ( road 67, next to Szigetvár road). There are riding training, riding in the land, team of horse riding, riding tours (it can be organized, if at least 5 people sign up for it) among the services of the association.

Zselickislak: It's 6km far from the city and it can be reached from the road between Kaposvár and Szigetvár, or from the other direction, from the road to Töröcske. The houses surrounded by vineyards in the valley of Pölöske-patak (spring). From its sights, the late baroque styled catholic church - which one was built at the end of 18th century - and the sculpture of Szent István by János Máriahelyi are outstanding. The visitors can enjoy the wonderful view from the vineyard of the village on the Öreg hegy (Old hill).

Old post road: Based on the tradition, on this ancient hilly road - also was used by the "betyárok" (scamps) of Somogy - you can get through from Kaposvár to Szigetvár. A section of the red strip and the blue strip tourist signs are crossing it.

Ropolypuszta: Hunter's house

Töröcskei parkerdő (park forest): It was established by using a land of old woody pasture. Next to the park forest, there is the Töröcskei lake, which is a popular fishing place and its surrounding is a pleasant place for relax. It is worth to walk to Természetbarát emlékmű (monument of friends of the nature), made by the plan of József Merendy. It was built for the 70th anniversary of "Somogy megyei természetbarát mozgalom "(Movement of friends of nature of Somogy county), since then the nature tourists of the county had gotten together for the "Töröcskei Emléktúra" ( memorial tour). The tourist can also taste the water of Eszperantó- and the Cserkész-forrás (spring).


2. Yellow tour around Kaposvár

Kaposvár - Töröcskei-lake, monument - Töröcske - Herceg-hill - Simonfa - Szent Donát kápolna (chapel), Kaposvár

Sights: see the 1st tour

Simonfa: touristhouses, goat farm (1,5-2,5 hours long programmes) www.meteor-kaposvar.hu

Szent Donát kápolna (chapel), Kaposvár: It is a protected monument fom the baroque ages (first half of the18th century) . The inside of the chapel  is decorated by naive pictures of  the former castle of  Kaposvár. www.kaposvar.hu

3. In the Zselic parkerdő (park forest)


Kaposvár - Gyertyános-völgy (valley) - Töröcskei-tó (lake) - Kaposszerdahely - Tókaji-parkerdő (park forest) - Cseri park - Kaposvár

Sights: se tour 1st and 2nd

Kaposszerdahely: The surface of the Tókaji-parkerdő (park forest) is 141 hectar. It has forest, glades, fishponds, gymnastic-field, playground, lookout, fireplaces, rainshelters, skeet field and the workshop of woodcarver János Horváth-Béres, the creator of the path, named Zelici vadvirág (the wild flower of Zselic). www.kaposszerdahely.hu

4. Let's go to Deseda!

Kaposvár, sorts hall - Zaranyi erdő (forest) - Deseda-tó (lake) - Deseda, arbotetum - watersport settlement - Kaposvár, sports hall

Kaposvár, sports hall: plastic coverd athletic field, grassy and drossy training grounds, Matula-tanya (farm)(fishing), Ice hall 
www.kaposvarjegcsarnok.hu, www.kapos-sport.hu

Deseda-tó (lake): It is a fishing paradise  and a popular place for excursion. The 1112 hectars (2748 acre) area  is locally protected. Next to the lake - across a 100 meters long wooden bridge - in the 28,7 hectars forest, almost all the different kind of Hungarian trees can be found. The lake and its surrounding is suitable for sports, for those who wish to do some exercise in a fresh air enviroment. We can go around the lake by foot, by bycicle or by riding a horse. From the center of  Toponár you can reach the beach, which is a great place for bather. From Kaposfüred you can reach the fishermen's paradise. The international famous equestrian-center, the  Science of Health Center and the Lovasakadémia (Equestrian Academy) are also can be found around Deseda-tó (lake).

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